Thursday, December 27, 2012

Top Ten Posts of 2012

At the start of 2012 I was uncertain on whether or not I would continue to blog from India based on a variety of factors, but here we are at the end of the year and it has been by far the best year of blogging with both content, amount of posts, and interaction. As a way to say thank you to all of my readers from this year I want to share and reflect back on the top five blog posts from 2012. Be on the lookout for more and better content in 2013 with a new formatted blog to hopefully be released soon.

1. ESV Global Study Bible Giveaway

Of course a giveaway is likely to be the top posts when you are giving away something such as an ESV Bible. Be on the lookout for more giveaways in 2013.

2. The (Fattest) Elephant in the Sanctuary 

Yes, you read that right in case you missed this one. A good friend of mine started his own weight loss journey as the gospel stared him in the face and convicted him of his own weight issues but he also started to realize that in the hundreds of accountability conversations that he had that his weight never came up. Joshua was determined that something must be done to change this in our church settings, which is the idea behind Gospel Wellness.

3. Why Are The Unreached Unreached? 

Veteran overseas worker Nik Ripken makes his case for why the unreached are unreached in this article based off of his 25 plus years of overseas service. This is one man that we should all be humbled by and take time to learn from.

4. Why Christians Should Celebrate Halloween 

This is an orignal post by George Robinson that originally appeared on my blog on 2011 but it had enough hits and is written well enough that it was only fitting to include it in 2012. This year it received more traffic than the first time it was posted. George was one of my favorite seminary professors and continues to encourage and challenge me in how I live my own life. He is a former overseas worker that is continuing to live as a missionary regardless what culture he lives in.

5. The Church and Amendment One 

This posts came amidst one of the biggest controversies of 2012 with the passing of Amendment One. It was interesting to watch this one play out living from afar. The lead teaching pastor from my sending church, J.D. Greear, wrote an excellent piece on how to respond now that amendment one had been passed that also helps put things into perspective.

6. Does Taking a Stance = Being Openly Discriminatory? 

Amidst another large controversy involving Chickfila and the stance on marriage. Although this story has been overplayed, this was written when the story first released, before all the big names had written their piece on it. I think this helps show where America is in regards to stating your own belief if it differs from popular public opinion.

7. Lessons Learned One Year In Part 1 

This was the first of a three part series on lessons learned one year in overseas. Although part 2 and 3 did not make it into the top viewed posts of the year, I think they both have some important lessons too so you should also check them out.

8. Car Wrecks - An Opportunity to Glorify God 

Perhaps the hardest day that I have had living in India to date was on the day of my first ever accident. It was one of the most helpless moments of my life but I depended on God like never before in He provided in ways that allowed for him to receive the glory!

9. Traditional vs. Biblical 

This post developed out of being part of a training for a large Baptist Convention in India that has many man-made traditions that are not biblical that are hindering the gospel from going forward. This led me to reflect on my own upbringing in the Southern Baptist tradition and see how many in my own background are still struggling with this same thing.

10. Going Into Full-Time vs. Part-Time Ministry 

This post came as a way to bring out the unnecessary attitude that many of us carry around that we are "professional" ministers if we are full-time and that everyone else is an "amateur." And unfortunately this is as true overseas as anywhere by missionaries who think they are better than other based on their organization, status within that organization, and length of term. They too are hindering the spread of the gospel whether they realize it or not.

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