Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Summit Church Christmas at DPAC

The below video is the Christmas eve service from my sending church The Summit. It is longer than your traditional Christmas eve service but that is because it is packed full of Christ centered worship and a powerful gospel message from the lead teaching pastor. Having the opportunity to watch this from India greatly blessed me and my family and hope that it blesses you too. I know two hours is a long time to watch so if nothing else just have the sound on in the background while you do other things.


  1. Very nice! We tried a live video shoot a couple of years ago and the audio didn't turn out well. Otherwise, I've been putting together a DVD of Western Avenue's "It's Christmas" program stitching together shots from the four nights we put it on. I'm still editing this year's program, so here's last year's playlist:

    We usually have some fun stuff toward the beginning, do the Christmas pageant in music, present the gospel, then end with congregational worship.