Monday, December 3, 2012

Joining God Where He is Working

For the past five days I have had the privilege of hosting a Spanish team from the Chicago area. This group is from a church of a few hundred and are just now starting to sense the need to get involved in God's larger mission around the world. I love groups like these because they come in recognizing that they have not been joining God in his global mission but are now seeing ways that they can get involved.

It has been a great few days as we have seen God call people to salvation in three different villages, totaling 18-25 people, and we were able to start a new church planting training set. This group has asked a lot of questions as they recognize that getting their entire church on board will not happen over night.

But what I have enjoyed the most about this group is that upon recognizing they were not fully obeying the Great Commission, they sought to where God would have them go to join in what He is doing. That process has now led them to S. Asia and based on their experience and seeing God move, this will not be the last time.

Currently they have sent nobody out of their local body to serve internationally and they have only taken a few trips, but I can sense that God is getting ready to use them in big ways to advance his church globally.

So maybe you too are at a church that is not obeying the Great Commission on a global scale. I encourage you to stay there, ride it out, and be the advocate for the church joining God where He is working globally.

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  1. Matt, that's really exciting! Thanks for sharing. It's encouraging to hear about effective, Gospel-centered short-term trips in an age where that idea takes a lot of heat.