Friday, December 21, 2012

Jesus Film Media

The Jesus Film is a huge tool that has been used worldwide for years to help share the message of Jesus with those that have not heard. Although this is not and never will be my number one tool for evangelism, I do think that it is a tool that can assist in the process. This is especially helpful and useful in places like S. Asia where there are so many languages and films like this have proven to be a way to help spread the message of the gospel.

There is now a new Jesus Film App that allows you to have access to the Jesus film and other resources in over 1,100 languages! Once again not my number one go to tool but it is a tool and a great way to help share with those that you meet worldwide, especially when you do not know their language.

Even where I currently serve, the app has over 140 of the local languages in a culture where regardless how remote the people live, they all have cell phones. This is a huge asset and one way to help spread the message of the gospel to those around the world.

And of course the app is free for both android and iphone. I encourage you all to get this app, make use of it, and add one more tool to your toolbox of being able to share with all people from all cultures.

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