Monday, December 17, 2012

Celebrating God's Faithfulness One Year In

It's hard to believe that my family is only two weeks away from our one year anniversary of serving as church planters in S. Asia. It has not always been an easy road but at the same time God has been faithful and blessed us in so many ways. As we have been reflecting over this last year of our lives we look on one hand at some of the difficulties that we have faced and been through as a family and in many ways it has been the roughest year we have had as a family. But then on the other hand we reflect on all the work that God has done through evangelism, discipleship, church planting groups, and living in a missional way in general. Although these numbers don't scratch the surface of the needs in S. Asia, they do represent peoples lives and families that have been changed by the gospel and new churches that are now in areas reaching people where there were no churches before.

For the new followers of Jesus that are now being discipled and the new churches that are now meeting we praise God! It has been incredible to see the gospel come alive in places where it was not living before and knowing that as a result through the local church these communities will be changed.

Many people are often confused on why are primary focus is not orphanages, water projects, or prostitues. While we are not against any of those things we firmly believe that it is only through the planting of a local church in a community that will cause a community to have everlasting change. So while we are not in anyway against those things, we put the majority of our efforts on seeing new churches started that in turn are to be the one that reach out to all of the other spheres of life.

For those of you who have partnered with us this last year through prayer, encouragement, giving, and serving next to us we want to say thank you! You have a bigger part in the work here than you realize and we truly could not be here if it were not for your partnership with us. We continue to look to you as the ones holding the rope for us back home. A special thank you to individuals and groups from the following churches: The Summit Church RDU, Northside Church WilmingtonWestern Avenue Baptist Church, and Summit Church Denver.

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