Friday, October 5, 2012

The "DNA" of Multiplying Churches

**The following post was taken from the Four Fields of Kingdom Growth by Nathan and Kari Shank**

The "DNA" of Multiplying Churches

1. Rapid - Paul covers an area with a population of over 25 million within a 15 year window (Rom. 15:19, 23).

2. Six streams of Church Planting - multiple streams developing simultaneously (Cyrpus, Phrygia, Galatia, Macedonia, Achaia, Asia).

3. Clear Priorities - Find and win man of peace, baptize, disciple new believers, release authority, revisit - evaluate and appoint elders.

4. Authority Passed Quickly - Longest stay - Corinth - (Acts 18:11/18 months). In 1 Cor. 1:10-14 - Paul says he did not baptize! Who did?

5. New works were treated as churches from the beginning. Paul's letters are never addressed to cell groups or fellowships. Respect is given to "co-laborers", "brothers chosen by God," equals!

6. Ownership of Great Commission among new believers. Example, the Thessalonian Church (Acts 17:1-9-three week stay), 1 Thess. 1:7-8 - "rang out", "known everywhere".

7. Persecution - the cost of following ensured true believers.

8. Immediate Baptism - no example of delaying in Paul's writings!

9. Began in Regional Centers - Paphos/Pisidian Antioch, Iconium, Lystra, Derbe, Phillipi, Thessalonia, Berea, Athens, Corinth, Ephesus - helped local believers reach out from there.

10. Key trainers/Helpers in each region - see the Lordship development chart within the section.

11. Returned when possible - Every field visited was revisited at least once before Paul's imprisonment. Letters also.

12. Holy Spirit Driven - Paul was never in charge of direction. Rather God determined the doors and timing of his entry and departure. Many times persecution allowed by God moved Paul to new fields. It was God who said leave the new believers to stand!

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