Monday, October 29, 2012

My Son Literally Opens Doors for the Gospel

Being the father of a 19 month old you often times have to be strategic in your planning of overseas ministry. My wife and I have always felt as if our son, although a full blown sinner in need of Jesus, opens as many doors to share the gospel as we do if not more. It is not uncommon to get invited into peoples homes, to birthday parties, and to gatherings all because of our son.

This has been a huge blessing and it is enjoyable to see God use him in so many ways at such a young age and as one who is not even following Jesus. There are times though that my son also makes it difficult because just showing up somewhere is not sharing the gospel. Yes, it always allows us to work on the relationship side of building within our community but if we only stay there, then we may build a good friendship without ever sharing the gospel. 

In my current ministry context, we often study the New Testament passages together where we see entire households getting saved at one time. This leads us to focus on getting into a house and staying there and sharing with the entire family when one is doing evangelism. None of this handing out tracts throughout the city, where it is impersonal and often obnoxious.

I mention the above because this week my son literally opened the door to share the gospel. We were walking down the steps to go play and he literally went up to someones door, pushed it opened, and walked inside. This resulted in us both being invited in to a home that had three generations represented in one living room. 

They were very welcoming and friendly, offering us food and water. The conversation quickly turned spiritual as it is currently a big puja (worship) season in S. Asia. This is where I utterly failed as I mentioned being a follower of Jesus. The oldest daughter quickly spoke up saying, "I have always heard about Jesus, but nobody has even taken the time to explain to me or tell me the story of Jesus." 

I told the family that I had a Bible in their mother tongue of Hindi that I would love to give to them as a gift. She said, "That would be nice sir, but the problem is not whether the Bible is in English or Hindi, but we want someone to explain to us the story about Jesus." 

At that moment my phone rang, letting me know that lunch was ready at our house. I thanked them for their hospitality, let them know I would be coming back along with my wife, and left. I honestly left feeling pretty good about this new opportunity until about three hours later when it hit me. I had the entire family sitting around willing to listen to me share about Jesus and I just left to go eat my lunch.

So my son is literally opening doors to share the gospel and I am often to blind to see the opportunity in front of me. In case you are wondering, we plan on going back to share with the entire family asap!

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