Monday, October 8, 2012

Everything Speaks Part 2

Back in June, I wrote a post titled Everything Speaks that was a bit of venting over culture frustration when it comes to customer service but also as a way to remind our churches that in many ways we too are like customer service reps to our first time guest. From the moment a guest enters the parking lot of your church the sermon starts in many ways. What I mean by this, is that if what is being preached on stage does not match the rest of the experience at a church then it is likely just a bunch of words and not a truthful message.

Today I am writing an opposite account of what I typically experience in S. Asian culture. In July I had to attend some company meetings at a nice resort up in Kathmandu. It is a little bit older of a resort but they have done a great job maintaining the place.

From the moment we pulled into the parking lot you could sense something different about this place. They helped you park, there were door greeters, people to help with luggage, a check in counter, and someone to help you find where you were going. This in many ways reminded me of the modern day church, specifically in a Western context.

Everything they did was near perfect and always with a smile. I would not have been surprised one bit if Dan Cathy and his crew from Chick-fil-A leadership had been there in the past and trained them.

My point is that this is how our churches should feel to those outside the church. They should feel as our honored guest as we serve them in a loving way, pointing them to Jesus. Now, I know someone reading this is thinking that I am referring to seeker friendly church environments here. Not at all, but rather an environment where we seek to give God our best at all times, which naturally results in our guest services, creativity, and an opportunity to help people embrace Jesus as Lord.

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