Friday, September 7, 2012

Evangelism in the 21st Century

The below video is of Tim Keller discussing evangelism in the 21st century. He points out that many lay people need to simply start by making it known that you attend church and that you are a Christian. From there you can and should build and your life should be a living testimony of those things.

One key thing here that Keller points out is that if you live in a large city that there is no one step evangelism because often the larger cities or international cities are very diverse. Take for example my current setting where there are numerous people groups from primarily five different countries, there is a minimum of four spoken languages, and you do not have to go far to find four of the worlds major religions and many different branches off of those. I would be silly and not very contextual to think that I could package a neat way of evangelism and reach all of the groups represented. Instead to be truly contextual and relevant, I have to take each person and scenario as it is and adjust not the message of the gospel, but the way in which it is presented.

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