Monday, August 6, 2012

Who Should I Tell The Gospel To?

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved, you and your oikos.
Acts 16:31

We all hear a lot about the need for sharing the gospel with others; whether that is in our own city or across the globe. The problem that I have often come across is that most people know the "why" of sharing the gospel and recognize the need, but often fail when it comes to knowing where to start sharing. Even in S. Asia, the most unreached area of the world, the believers face this dilemma. My often sarcastic remark to these believers is just walk outside and share with the first person you see because they likely do not know Jesus and likely have never heard the gospel.

In the US, especially in the South, where I am from, it is often assumed that people have heard the gospel and there are better chances that they do follow Jesus; but it is still a high probability that they do not. So this leaves us with no excuses in regards to sharing the gospel with others.

In our trainings of nationals in S. Asia we typically do not focus much on the Greek New Testament, but we do teach them one Greek word, oikos. Oikos is the Greek equivalent of house, household, or family. So we teach them that the simplest means to start sharing the gospel is with your own oikos because we each have one. If you do a thorough study of the New Testament you will see that this is one of the ways that the early church spread so rapidly.

This is sometimes referred to as "Oikos Evangelism." In the words of Dr. Tom Wolf, "Oikos Evangelism is the God-given and God-ordained means for naturally sharing our supernatural message." Wolf goes on to point out that we see this happening in the New Testament by means of life-transformation as an old sinner becomes a new saint in front of ones family and friends, which naturally resulted in penetration and persuasion of others.

Based on the New Testament as our model then the best place to start sharing the gospel is with your own oikos, meaning with your family and those closest to you. Once again in our trainings here we will often give them and piece of paper and tell them to title it "oikos" and then place ten names that are in their oikos for them to being to pray over and to share with in the next two weeks. Here is a copy for you to go and do likewise with your own oikos.      

                         1.                                              6.                                                           
                         2.                                              7.                                
                         3.                                              8.                                
                         4.                                              9.                                
                         5.                                             10.                               

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