Friday, August 10, 2012

What Does the Filtering Process Look Like?

In my last post, we looked at what it looks like to constantly form smaller groups of people to invest in for six months to a year as Jesus did with his faithful followers. Today we will take a brief look at what the filtering process looks like based off of Wilson Geisler's RAD booklet.

The Filtering Process

It is important to remember that before you can filter, you must start be having some well-defined filtering criteria. Here are some suggested ones:

1. Faithful in sharing the gospel.

2. Demonstrates good character.

3. Doesn't love money or isn't in it for the money. They should be faithful regardless where their paycheck is coming from.

4. Sweep broad and do not put all your eggs in one basket. Often times the ones we initially think have the most potential will turn out to be the first ones to drop out or be unfaithful.

5. Only people that you can meet with on a regular basis as individuals and a group.

6. Only those living within your target area or city, preferably from within your own local body. Part of the goal here is for you to be able to equip these individuals to equip others by your modeling for them in ministry.

Upon filtering and finding the faithful to Jesus, pray about and invite a group to spend this time with you. Be very intentional in your time with the group by being relational in order to multiply yourself into them. Here are some further suggestions:

1. Identify 10-14 people for your group. Jesus invested in 12, but in the end, primarily 3, who he more faithfully invested. A larger group will allow for self-correction on their part, as well as, help to alleviate only investing in a "Judas."

2. Meet initially with this group and layout the plan and goals for the group. It is suggested to make a covenant with them.

3. Meet with each person individually and get to know them.

4. Meet with the entire group a minimum of once a month. This allows each person to sharpen one another as the apostles did. Do not worry about repeating and reviewing in these meetings as it is important to do so until it sticks. These meetings are designed to move them from simply obedient follow of Christ to owner of Christ's Kingdom vision.

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