Monday, August 13, 2012

Are You Listening To The Voice of God?

Recently I heard a sermon on the Lord's calling of Samuel, who at the time was probably around the age of twelve. The preacher pointed out many things from the life of Samuel and the old priest Eli. His main point that I took away was that often times we get in such a routine where we are reading are Bible, we are praying,  and we are busy in ministry; but we are failing to listen to the voice of God. And by failing to listen to the voice of God we many times are doing things are way and wondering why things are not going the way we expected them to go.

In conclusion the pastor pointed out five things that should challenge us all in regards to listening to God:

1. Your past does not determine your future.

2. Your circumstances do not determine your actions.

3. You choose your focus.

4. You are made to hear God's voice.

5. Be careful not to become a priest (Eli) who cannot see not only physically but also spiritually.

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