Friday, July 13, 2012

A Year In Reflection of God's Goodness

This week marks one year ago that my family was faced with a temporary crisis, not life threatening, but a real stressful situation in our lives. This week I have naturally been reflecting back on this last year and that situation. In it all as I said throughout the entire situation that God is Sovereign and I had to learn to find my contentment in him.

A full year later I can rejoice in what God has done over this year in spite of the situation. First, people were forgiven for the wrong actions taken. Second, bitterness ceased after much prayer. Third, there have been some things that have worked out better because of the situation.

To be clear my reflection was not one to harness up the past and become bitter again, but rather to reflect on the sovereignty of God in all things. It was clearly a trying time in the life of my family where much questioning took place, but in the midst of the situation we truly learned that it is God who giveth and taketh away (Job 1:21).

Much positive things have come as a result of the situation that only God knew. First, we got to see the church truly be the church, (Acts 4:32-35), in ways that we had never experienced before. Second, Elliot was able to spend his first Christmas with my family. Third, our housing situation and overall set up was a better fit for our family by arriving on the field later.

To say I would go back and experience this all over again would be a lie because honestly I wouldn't wish it on anyone else or myself again. But I will say that through it all I learned that being content in the Lord is not always an easy place to be, but that in the midst of my weakness it was a great place to be as it caused me to truly put my faith in God.

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