Sunday, June 17, 2012

Being Pastor Dad

Happy Fathers day to all of the dad's out there! This is my second fathers day and I am enjoying being a father more than ever, but I am also realizing more and more that it is my role to be "Pastor Dad," to my son. In case you have not read it in the past, I want to encourage you all to get your free copy of Pastor Dad by Mark Driscoll. It is a helpful book with Scriptural insights on fatherhood that is helpful to read at least once a year as a fathers tend to forget things.

It is great to obey the Great Commission and go to make disciples of the unreached peoples in the world, but not if we neglect the number one unreached people in our lives, our children. Yes, my son is only 15 months old, but it is never too early to start pastoring him by cultivating him to worship and love Jesus! This free e-book will help you do just that and I know that many men do not like to read, which makes this book great as it is all of 48 pages, enjoy!

Here is  a couple of recent pictures of me with my son:

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