Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Seeing Through Different Lenses

Let me start off by saying that as followers of Christ I believe we need to see and examine everything through the lenses of Scripture. But I think that in order to reach the people in each of the context that we are called to that it would not hurt if we would walk a mile in someone else's lenses. Not in order to embrace their particular point of view or lifestyle but in order to minister to them appropriately.

It is very easy to stay bunkered down in our own camps of belief and shout from the tops of hills at people that are different from us, often trapped in sin, but it takes a more mature and truly missional Christian to practice passion on people. This has been called by some the incarnation of the heart.

Incarnation of the heart causes one to have a certain level of intimacy with those they are trying to reach. This allows one to truly love others as themselves as God commands us to do. I think about the recent vote of Amendment One and how from afar I read so many hateful things that people were saying to and about each other. I think those in my own circle responded well and biblically, but not everyone in the church did such. 

Regardless of where you were on that vote, think for a minute if you could incarnate your heart to the people on the opposing side of you. This would require you to feel their stories, their lives, and their pain. In order to truly reach a people or sect within our society we have to be able to feel the pain of what they are going through, especially those in the GLBT community, which the church historically has not responded or ministered to in a loving way.

I want to encourage you to look around your church this weekend and see the makeup of the people. And then make a list of the groups of society and the demographics that your church has struggled in reaching. Now take the time over the coming weeks to get to know some of the people in that demographic by befriending them and try putting on their lenses for just a mile in order to see what it is they see, how they see you and the church, and to learn how it is that you can practice incarnation of the heart in order to reach them.

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