Monday, May 7, 2012

Missed Opportunities

Have you ever taken a moment to stop and think about all of the missed opportunities that you have had? We all have them, but here, I am specifically referring to missed opportunities to share the gospel with someone in need, which is most everyone.

Living in a context that is considered one of the least reached areas of the world, I sometimes feel like I miss opportunities if I am not sharing the gospel at every moment of everyday or at least with every person I come in contact with. But the truth is that I know that is impossible, but there are times that an opportunity is clearly in front of me.

Just this past weekend I had an installation guy over at my house installing my son's wardrobe. As this man finished up his work and came to settle up with me I was busy preparing for a church planters training. I noticed this man walked downstairs, but my thought was, "I am busy preparing for ministry here, can't this guy wait just a minute."

I finally finished up what I was doing, turned around and settled up the bill, and then let the man out as I started back to my preparations. Very soon after he left, it hit me that I had been so busy with "ministry," that I missed a clear opportunity right in front of me to share the very message that I am equipping and encouraging other guys to share.

This is what I call a clearly missed opportunity, especially since I live in a culture that loves to talk about their gods and where nobody ever says no to a cup of tea, which opens up the conversation. We all have missed opportunities to share the gospel with people, but perhaps if we would be more keen to what is going on around us we would take advantage of more of these opportunities.

Did you have any missed opportunities this past week? I am sure that if you stop to think about it you do, but it is a new week with new opportunities so let this weeks outcome be a little different than last week by taking every opportunity to share!

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