Monday, April 23, 2012

Strategy vs. Structure

This post is meant to be a follow up post to last weeks, "Traditional vs. Biblical," where I described how as man we often allow our man made traditions to take precedence over the biblical way of doing things. The idea presented in the below video by David Watson on "Strategy vs. Structure," go hand in hand with last weeks post.


Just as our traditions are often based on us instead of the Bible, so too our strategies for reaching the people are based on us instead of the people that we are trying to reach. Watson hits the nail on the head here that we often allow our strategies to be limited by our own context, which makes it about us. One of the most common ways that we experience this is walk into most churches on any given Sunday and you will most likely see a congregation that is mostly made up of a bunch of people that are similar to each other.

I agree with Watson in his own assessment of this when he declares this must CHANGE! We must get to a place where we are willing to get out of our normal routine of doing things in order to reach the people. This means we must study the culture, learn new things, map out our communities, etc. We must get to a place where we build our strategies from the side of the people that we are trying to reach because they are not likely to come see us on any given Sunday at our convenience.

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