Monday, April 9, 2012

Post-Easter Reflections

This year the Easter season has been quite different for me, not because I haven't seen the easter bunny at the mall, or because I didn't eat any cadbury eggs, but because of the amount of lostness that is around me. None of my immediate neighbors know Jesus and to my knowledge only a handful of people that live in my neighborhood do and they are also here for the same reason that I am here.

I love Easter and what it represents, which when everything else is taken away in my life that is the reason that I am living in S. Asia. We in the Christian world tend to get carried away with our "callings," but the truth is that because the resurrection of Christ did take place that we are all called to take up our cross and follow Jesus. Forget the idea of calling, because this event is true it changes everything!

Nobody that is a follower of Christ needs a calling to take the gospel to those in need of it as every Christian is called to spread the good news of the gospel and to make disciples among all peoples, tribes, and tongues. 

I am still fairly new on the ground here in regards to being an international church planter, but my goal is by this time next year to have poured into at least twenty different men that I have discipled, equipped, and trained to be sent out to plant churches in one of the least reached areas of the world that at one time was coined with the name the "Graveyard of Missions."

In my short time here I can sense that God is moving in this area and that instead of being the graveyard of missions it is now becoming the focus of missions where a movement is about to take place. A movement that I am excited to be a part of and look forward to one year from now being about to report back to you with the amount of lives that have turned to follow him and the amount of churches planted.

I love easter and I love to see lives changed as a result of what took place on Easter Sunday, but this year caused me to also be somber as I look at what is around me. This also stirs up excitement in me for next year to see what God has done amongst these people in one years time where I sense that his Spirit is on the move for something BIG!

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