Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Don't Just Invite People to Church

This time of year is always exciting as Easter is upon us, which should cause Christians everywhere to be throwing huge parties, the best parties! Why? Because we actually have something to party about and those around us should know that. But it is not the only time of year that we should celebrate the resurrection of our Lord as it is really something that should be celebrated everyday, but with a special emphasis on Easter Sunday.

Easter is also a great time of year to invite your neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family to a service at your church, where they will hopefully hear a clear and simple gospel presentation. I know each year at my church, the Summit church, it is an exciting time with a big celebration that makes it the perfect time to invite someone. Each year the Easter celebration seems to get bigger and bigger as it should because we should never get over the resurrection as it is really where Christianity rises or falls in all of its claims. If there were no resurrection then there would be no reason to celebrate, do church, or invite people along with you.

But today I am writing you to tell you please don't just invite people to church! Yes, I am all for inviting people to church, in fact let me take a brief moment and invite any of you that will be in the Raleigh-Durham area that do not have a church to the Summit for this years Easter celebration. We have multiple campuses with multiple times all through out the Triangle, including four non-traditional times as you can attend on Saturday night. For more complete details click on the Summit link above.

So why not just invite people to church? Because as great as it is that they will hear the gospel presented, you also need to take follow up action with those you invited. Take them out for a big lunch after the service to show them that there is reason to celebrate and take time to share your story of how you came to follow Christ. Take the time to ask them if they understood everything the pastor said, if there is anything they disagreed with or maybe something you can help clarify for them.

To me this is part of being missional because I think you are only being part missional if you only invite people to church. This is my first Easter living in S. Asia and my family plans on having some of our neighbors over to explain Easter to them and to let them know why it is that we are celebrating. For three months now I have watched Hindu festivals come and go and these people know how to party so I want to show them that followers of Christ throw the best parties and have the only reason to celebrate. So please invite as many people as possible to church this year, but don't just invite them to church.

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