Friday, April 13, 2012

Do Domestic Ministries and Global Missions Relate?


John Piper here hits on some valid point in ministry today. Namely that domestic ministries and global missions should really go hand in hand in the life of a church rather than compete with one another. I think that Piper points out the importance of domestic ministries and showing how it is the role of the local church to fulfill those; and then show that in unreached area there is no local church. So the idea being to take the domestic ministries and export them to other countries as churches are planted.

Good training ground for people that you are going to send out as missionaries overseas is to see how they are being a missionary in their own backyard and community. If you do not have a love for the people of your own community and you are not serving them then please do not move overseas because any superficial love wears off quickly and you will quickly die on the field.

Perhaps overseas missions is something that you are considering, but you realize that you are not involved as a missionary in your own community. I would encourage not to forget about moving overseas, but to get involved with what God is doing in your own community as early training ground. God uses the local church for both domestic ministries and global missions as he has called us all to both.

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  1. This is good stuff and very true. I have to consider also that even in our hometown we're still sojourners. So at "home" we're still doing foreign missions.