Monday, March 19, 2012

Where Is God In The Midst of Injustice?

The below video is my friend Matt Papa's response to the recent Kony 2012 videos. I think he does a great job showing his appreciation for invisible children and the work they are doing towards the social injustice that is taking place; but then points out what he considers, and I agree, is a greater and the greatest injustice in the world. Namely that in the words of Matt, "There are human beings that do not worship Jesus Christ." 

By originally posting this on Facebook, it immediately showed my endorsement for the video, which I have since received a lot of feedback and questions. Too many questions to address on Facebook so I have decided to take a few of the questions and issues and address them here on a short series of blog posts.


Here are some of the questions that I received and any feedback on which ones I address is appreciated.

  1. "Wouldn't people be more willing to glorify God if he spoke to them when they prayed?"
  2. "How are we to worship God when he has left us in a life full of death and decay?"
  3. "There are millions of children starving to death in Africa, where is God?"
  4. "If God worked in peoples lives daily, then his people wouldn't have to go door to door telling everyone about him."
  5. "How are we to glorify God when everyday is a huge battle of the heart and soul?"

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