Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Other Unreached People Group

An article came out last month in World Magazine on  "The Other Unreached People Group," referring to what they call the 10/30 Window. The article talks about how most of us have heard of the 10/40 Window, the area that I currently live in, which is home to the largest unreached people groups-and the poorest and most spiritually impoverished-in the world; but not many of us have heard of the 10/30 Window. The 10/30 Window as Eric Larson and Jonathan Taylor of Global Youth and Family Ministries refer to it, is in their own words, "both geographic and generational and is made up of 2.4 billion of the world's population between the ages of 10-30." Of this people group, Taylor says, "the largest unreached people group in human history, larger than the 100 largest geographically defined unreached people groups combined."

Due to many forms of media such as Facebook and Youtube, "this emerging global youth culture is said to have more in common with each other than they do with the adults of their own culture." This is something that I have observed heavily as I moved across the world just one month ago. I am living in a culture where the people that fall into the 10/30 Window look vastly different from those older than them in their own culture. Many within that younger generation, which happens to be my generation, look very similar to the same age group from my city of Raleigh back in the States. This is an area that I have often wrestled with in strategies to reach both old and young alike within one culture. Basically how to be contextual without secluding one segment of the population. Traditionally the thought in missions was to reach the old and the younger will follow, but I am not so sure that the rule applies as it once did with the shift of the younger generation.

I am not saying in anyway that I only want to reach this younger generation because I also live amongst the 10/40 Window, but I think that our strategies for reaching the 10/30 Window and their parents will likely look different; while both can be gospel focused. As Dr. Danny Akin said of this 10/30 Window, "I think it has significance for how we strategize missions in the days ahead. There must be a laser beam focus on the young in terms of evangelism and discipleship. We must prioritize time, energy, and resources to reach this massive unreached people group with the gospel of Jesus Christ."

This is one unreached people group that we all have the opportunity to impact with the gospel in whatever context we live. I would make a case for why youth ministries are important in the life of a church based on this article, but I will save that post for another time as the article should speak for itself. The question is are you up for giving away your time, energy, and resources in order to see the 10/30 Window reached with gospel? I know I am and I am excited to see what God will do right here amongst the younger generation in S. Asia.

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