Thursday, January 5, 2012

Obedience to Jesus for His Glory Not Yours

Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.
Psalm 115:1

I was recently attending a seminar where the speaker mentioned obedience to Jesus for his gory not for our own. Hearing it I thought of course we obey Jesus for his glory and not ours, but upon further thought I realized that in many ways we can allow the glory to go to us as we become elevated and self-absorbed in what we are doing.

A prime example in my own life is moving to church plant in S. Asia. I did not grow up wanting to move here, nor have I had the desire to move here very long. But I knew at this point in my life it would be disobedience not to move here for this season as God has called me to this part of the world. The reality is that I am not here because I love the people or the culture, but because God loves the people. 

So initially all of the glory went to Jesus completely for his glory, but there were times as I got further in the process and journey of getting here that being elevated by others often felt like some of the glory was coming to me and my family like we were some sort of heroes before even doing anything. To be transparent there was a fleshy side of me that liked this, that appreciated the elevation, seeing my picture on a card as a church planter. 

But upon leaving and arriving in my new culture just a few short days ago all of that went away. Suddenly I realized I am essentially a nobody, there are no more cheering crowds, and in a sense I am broken because I already realize the deep dependency that I have on God that I had often forgotten in the weeks, months, and years of planning to get here.

I believe that this is a good place to be in order to show my dependency on God for everything; something that we easily forget in the US. And I write all of that to say that my sincere prayer upon this journey is that the glory would not go to me or my family, but that everything that is done and accomplished here would be to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ because of his love and faithfulness in our lives.

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