Monday, January 16, 2012

Little Light of Mine...

The words to the song, "This little light of mine," have much more meaning to me now than they ever have before. A few nights ago I decided to go out to the local market to purchase some fruit even though it was getting dark outside. Still being very new to the area I didn't think much about light or if they'd even be open.

Upon getting to the main street and start of the market I saw that many of the vegetable vendors were closed up so instead of potentially wasting my time I decided to return home, but another route. Quickly my trip home turned into me being lost. I wasn't extremely lost because I knew that I was in the right vicinity, but lost enough that I wasn't exactly sure how to get home.

So I decided to take a side street thinking that it would take me towards home, which it did not, and it was much longer than I thought. As I made my way down the street there were fewer and fewer lights, but more and more people. Not only people, but also many bicycle taxis, motorcycles, and cars. Many of which have no lights, but they keep on driving past you as if it is the middle of the day. It was quite the experience and pretty scary at times.

Needless to say I eventually got my bearings about me and found my way home. But on my walk home, once I knew I was on the right road, I started to be impressed heavily about the darkness that surrounded me. Yes, it was physically dark, with glimpses of light here and there, but the spiritual darkness reigned heavy around me.

I suddenly remembered why it is that I came here because these people have no light. Most of them are on a path to darkness that leads to nowhere. The long physical road that I had taken represents a long spiritual road that most of them have been on in search of a deeper meaning in life, in search of truth. And I may be only one person, but God has given me that light that they are in search of and I am here to proclaim to them the love of Jesus so that they may find their way to truth through the only man that can give them truth.

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