Friday, January 27, 2012

How Soon Do You Mention Jesus in Conversation?

So this week my family moved into our new house in an area of the city that is experiencing a lot of growth, which I see as a very strategic spot to be located in order to build relationships, proclaim the gospel, and see lives changed. 

We have already had the opportunity to spend some time with our neighbors the two days we have been getting the house set up and we quickly learned of their many gods that they worship.The idea of a god naturally comes up in conversation here as the majority of people in our city are Hindu and have many gods. We made an observation about our neighbors house, which was a glass room located on the second floor, which we learned is basically set aside as their prayer room where they worship their gods. We quickly shared that we too pray, but that we have the one God who came to be the Savior of all mankind in Jesus Christ.

Although the conversation did not go much further than that, it was a start, and I believe the right one. Often we meet people and tell them about everything that is important in our lives, but fail to mention the one area that should be the most important. Especially in the context in which I am now in, if you do not mention anything about Jesus until weeks into a relationship with someone they will question if he is really all that important to you. And can you really blame them? 

As the praise song we used to sing in my youth group says, "You (Jesus) are my all in all..." If this is true then we should express that with everything in our lives not as if he is an after thought if we have time in the day. So it's about a relationship not a religion as the recent video gone viral proclaims, then we should start acting like that relationship is the most important one in our lives above all.

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  1. I've found that most Hindu Indians are pretty open about hearing the gospel. Some have become jaded with abuses from some supposedly Christian groups and some have obviously responded with violence. However, it's disingenuous to wait to share with them and the message can be that it really isn't that important. After all, they say believe in all gods. So a figurine of Jesus or a small cross goes on the shelf with the rest of their gods.

    So be faithful to share, love them, and let the Holy Spirit work as He will in their lives. These first few years you will have experiences that will help provide a foundation for the rest of your ministry there.