Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Faith Without Works is Dead

So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.
James 2:17

It seems today that we hear a lot of talk about being missional in our community. And I am one of those young leaders who talks about loving the people, the community, and the city that you live in; where you use every opportunity to be on mission and leverage the gospel into peoples lives. 

But I also realize that talk is cheap and that boasting about being missional does not in itself make one missional. My fear is that in today's young evangelical crowd it is more of a cool hipster trend to talk about being missional than actually being on mission, but hopefully I am wrong on this one.

Either way, to heed the warning of James in 2:17, I have an opportunity coming up to be missional in my new community and I don't want my faith to be dead because of a missed opportunity. Recently moving to S. Asia I didn't think much about how to be missional once finding a home. I assumed that I would just move in and wait until I learned a little more of the language and culture, but then James really spoke to me in this passage.

So this week we move into our new home and once getting settled we plan on having a party to celebrate moving into our new place where we invite all of the neighbors. The plan is to serve the best food and drink that are culturally appropriate as a way to set the foundation for gospel-centered conversations with our neighbors. 

It is safe to assume that most of my neighbors are Hindus, which means that at the heart of their homes is a shrine dedicated to the honor and worship of their gods. So throwing a house warming party will be an awesome opportunity for my family to talk about Jesus and present the gospel in word and deed right away. 

So my question for you, is your faith dead? What opportunities are you missing right now to show your faith and make much of Jesus? Perhaps it is as simple as having a party at your place to get to know your neighbors to start that foundation of gospel-centerdness.

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