Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership

On my plane ride to S. Asia I was reading some of Dave and Jon Ferguson's book Exponential, which I highly recommend if you are trying to start a missional movement. I especially appreciated their section on reproducing leaders as that is a huge part of my role in my new context. And although the list may not fully apply to my new context, I still believe that it is helpful for recognizing when leadership is lacking, wherever you are.

Twelve Indicators that leadership is lacking:
 1. I wait for someone to tell me what to do rather than taking the initiative myself.
 2. I spend too much time talking about how things should be different.
 3. I blame the context, surroundings, or other people for my current situation.
 4. I am more concerned about being cool or accepted than doing the right thing.
 5. I seek consensus rather than casting vision for a preferable future.
 6. I am not taking any significant risks.
 7. I accept the status quo as the way it's always been and always will be.
 8. I start protecting my reputation instead of opening myself up to opposition.
 9. I procrastinate to avoid making a tough call.
10. I talk to others about the problem rather than talking to the person responsible.
11. I don't feel like my butt is on the line for anything significant.
12. I ask way too many opinions before taking action.

It is important to recognize that everything rises and falls on leadership and these twelve indicators may help you realize why something that you are part of right now is not succeeding to its fullest potential.

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