Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Is It Hatred to Move My Family to Asia?

Some people have questioned me on moving my family to Asia in order to plant churches as if it is "hatred" towards my wife and son. In this video clip, John Piper discusses God, Manhood & Ministry, touching on this very idea and the lack of understanding. The key that Piper points out here is that those that question my motivation of moving my family to plant churches do not have the mind of Christ and so to them it comes across as a form of hatred or cruelty; but the reality is that in obedience to the calling of God you often have to make these tough choices and sacrifices.

Have We Over-Elevated the Family? from Desiring God on Vimeo.


  1. It is out of PURE IGNORANCE that people make those comments. Pure ignorance. Wouldn't trade taking my family to Africa for anything that America has to offer....commercialism and materialism....and a weak world view.

  2. Overall, a good video. I thought the example of putting a six year old in boarding school was a poor one, though; God would not call someone to put his six year old child in boarding school for a stranger to raise.* However, bringing your six year old child with you to Africa or Asia is, as Martha wrote above, probably better for them!

    I do find it disappointing when even people in the Church though criticize others for going on missions or other "extreme" (in their view) forms of commitment to Christ's call.

    In Christ,
    Fr. Anastasios

    (* I don't discount that God would call someone to martyrdom, and in that case someone else would have to raise his children, but that is a bit different from making a choice to have someone else raise one's child while pursuing other ministries. Raising our children up in Christ is a form of evangelism and ministry).