Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Missions Offering

This time of year at my local church, the Summit, always proves to be an exciting time with a lot going on. One of my favorite parts about this time of year is that the pastors seem to set higher and higher goals on how much to take up as our Christmas missions offering. This is money that is entirely given away for church planting and local outreach. In other words, none of it is kept internally to benefit the local body of the Summit Church, but it all goes so that the gospel can be spread to many places where the name of Jesus has never been named. 

The few years that I have been around the Summit, we as a church have gone far above the set goal. This blew me away the first couple of years because I had my doubts with such large numbers in the midst of an economic downturn. But year after year I have watched the goal get met and then almost double in its final number. Now, I know it is not about numbers or dollars, but the money taking up at Christmas represents lives changed and churches planted. And those are the kind of numbers that I can get into all of the time!

This year the Christmas Missions Offering means perhaps more to me than it ever has meant before. Why? Because my family and I are now able to plant our lives in S. Asia to be church planters in a large part due to this offering. We will be able to move our lives there, pour into national believers, and send them out to see churches planted.

The goal this year is set at a higher amount than ever before with a goal of $625,000. This amount is broken down into two categories. $468,750 of that amount goes directly to Church Planting, from this amount is how we are able to go and plant churches in S. Asia. The remaining $156,250 will be used locally in RDU with the week of ServeRDU and helping to see things such as i58 come to fruition.  

So if you are a part of the Summit Church then I highly encourage you to be on mission with the church and to live sufficiently, give extravagantly. Give huge amounts to the Christmas missions offering, not so that I can go live in another country, but so that peoples lives can be changed by the gospel and churches can be planted all over the world. 

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