Friday, November 4, 2011

God Doesn't Want Your Flattery

This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me...
(Matthew 15:8 ESV)

This past week I was involved with a seminar dealing with ones relationship with God. We discussed how many things that used to be able to be assumed in the life of a believer can no longer be assumed anymore as the church is constantly allowing the culture to dictate how many view things. This is perhaps seen no greater than in my own generation as it seems like the majority of my "Christian" buddies that I grew up with are no longer identifying themselves as Christ followers. 

In essence I grew up with a bunch of Pharisees for friends, not all, but the ones that I referred to in the above paragraph. Then there is also a group that still honors Christ with their lips, but their heart is far from God. The classic example of this is seen as someone is publicly raising their hands in worship, declaring their honor and worship for Jesus, only to leave and go sleep with their girlfriend or perhaps to have many secret sins in their life. 

This boggled my mind for a long time growing up as I started to wonder when my time would come, my time to profess Christ with my lips, but go and live in whatever way pleased me. The reality is that this no longer boggles my mind, but what it does cause me to do is be saddened for those individuals who are wasting their lives away after hearing and knowing the truth of the gospel. 

The reality is that their hearts are far from God and the worship they professed was merely in vain. They may have fooled man, their parents, and youth pastor, but nobody fools God. The truth is that God doesn't want your flattery, so don't be a stupid pharisee. So if this is you, stop what you are doing and take time to consider what your life is truly like. You are the definition of a hypocrite and in need of true repentance. 

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