Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Church Planting Movements

I love this clip on Church Planting Movements from the organization Pioneers. They are a very like-minded organization in church planting and I believe that this video clip helps capture the conversation I feel like I have with family and friends everyday who do not quite understand what it is exactly that I am going to be doing over the next couple of years.

Below I have also included some of my favorite quotes from the video that really help capture the essence of what church planting and church planting movements look like in an international context.

"A Church Planting movement is a movement of the Spirit of God."

"We don't want to simply see a church raised up where the missionary becomes the pastor forever and ever, amen. We want to see church planting movements that are indigenous to the people, even from the very beginning, that has as one of its core values the desire to reach out to others and to plant churches that will plant churches."

"So we're not here to Americanize this place or try and stimulate a church planting movement that looks like the US, we want to empower, equip, and involve the local church here... in what God is already doing."

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