Monday, October 31, 2011

Troubled Waters

I wanted to take the time today to introduce you all to one of the worst cases of mass poisoning in the world and the documentary that is filming the process of clean water coming to this town in "Troubled Waters." 

Here is the synopsis taken from their own websiteJim Hill, a seasoned missionary, stumbles on a small town 12,000 feet above sea level in the Puna region of Argentina. He hears San Antonio de los Cobres is being poisoned by the very thing it needs to survive, water.

After extensive research Jim and the team surrounding him discover alarmingly high levels of Arsenic in the town’s drinking water. He wants to install a filter system for San Antonio de los Cobres but when the reality of raising the money, politics, and power stand in his way he is forced to fight for his vision.

Through a mountainous terrain of inner struggle and setbacks Jim and the devoted team of people around him overcome the obstacles thrown in their way and inspire an entire town to stand up for its well being. A series of extraordinary events allow them to install a brand new filtration system; providing clean drinking water for the entire town of San Antonio de Los Cobres.

I have been following this story and the making of this documentary for years now and I am behind it fully as I long to see the vision of this missionary be fulfilled and the story of this town told. The crew is currently raising funds for their post production trip through a kickstarter project with seven more days to raise about $2,000, so if you can help in anyway to make this story come to fruition then please do so  as it deserves to be told while helping bring clean drinking water to other towns just like this one.

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