Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spiritual Gifts vs. Cessationism

The following is a conversation that I came across this week between Doug Wilson and Mark Driscoll regarding the spiritual gifts and cessationism that is worth the time to watch. This is a conversation that I have had more times than I would like to count as I was raised Baptist, married a Pentecostal, and now would fall into the category of a Reformed Charismatic.

In my opinion my background either often ignored the role of the Holy Spirt or they just weren't quite sure what exactly to do with the idea and role of the Holy Spirit. In my searching though, I experienced a group that was on the other end of the spectrum where the Holy Spirit was the center of everything, often to the neglect of Christ himself. Even at a secular university one of my favorite classes in my undergraduate program was "The Rhetoric of Twentieth-Century American Faith Healers" that I had with a cessasionist professor who titled his textbook, "Foul Demons, Come Out!".

What I appreciate both about my background and my searching for some answers is that both ultimately led me to search the Scripture. This is how I have come to my own conclusions on the spiritual gifts and also feel like it has allowed me to have a more well rounded perspective when dealing with people on both sides of the debate; where yes, I can answer some questions now, but ultimately I am able to point them to Scripture.

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