Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Journey Ahead

Today starts a new journey for my family as we start eight weeks of training in VA with the organization that we will be planting churches with in South Asia. This promises to be a time where we can focus and prepare spiritually to be on the frontline of darkness. We will also have the opportunity to build some life long friendships with like minded people who are also going out to reach the nations.

The eight week schedule is rigorous as there is something planned everyday with no real time for extra curricular activities. This part will admittedly be a struggle for me as I enjoy my free time or the freedom to make my own schedule (I've already outline every area of free time in our schedule). In some ways, we are already anticipating the other side of training as it means we are one step closer to actually living in South Asia, but at the same time we are trying to go in with open hearts and minds to be humble and learn from many who have gone before us.   

My family would appreciate the prayers of all of you as we enter this time and get ready to leave in January. We also have a family blog so that people can follow our journey of church planting in South Asia and keep up with ways to prayer for us. 

In regards to this blog, I have had many people ask if I plan on continuing to write on here. I have wrestled through this question myself as I have a feeling that most of our family post will be done by me, but I have decided to at least initially attempt to do both. The nature of the blog may change some, perhaps mature and get deeper in many ways, but definitely will continue.  

As far as the next eight weeks I am uncertain on the amount of time and internet access to keep up with posts, but I plan on doing what I can and maybe even taking the month of November to repost some of the most popular post. So please stay in contact, keep reading, and I look forward to some future conversations. 

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