Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Help Plant a Church in Australia

It is not everyday that you get an opportunity to help plant a church in Australia, but my friend Seth Snider has made that opportunity available. Seth, along with another family are uprooting their lives in December to move to Australia to plant a church where they hope to bring coffee, community, and love to the people.

Seth is also a long time musician so he recorded a seven song album as a way to donate towards the journey to Australia. Of his album release, Seth had this to say, It is an honor to me that you have my CD. I hope it portrays love and a genuine heart. What brought this passion to record"The Presence Of Freedom", outside of my love for music, is to support my move to Australia to bring coffee, community, and love together while using it to reveal the true and authentic gospel to the country of Australia and whoever else hears this CD!

I was able to both attend the release show for the album and purchase a copy myself. It is one of those albums that you want to put on repeat as every song is that good. It doesn't fit into a neat little category of "worship" music like many other artist out there as Seth is just being himself and allowing God to use his gifts and abilities. Although it definitely leads you into worship with songs like "Father God" and "Savior King." The music itself has an indie-rock, folkish sound to it, which I personally like, but believe there is a song or sound for everyone on this album. 

Here is the deal, you can purchase the album either as a digital copy or a hard copy for $7. It is hard to find a album of this quality for that cheap anywhere and the fact that every dollar is going to missions in Australia makes it that much more of a reason to purchase it. So head on over to http://sethsnider.bandcamp.com/ to download or order your copy now and start listening to some good tunes and financially helping plant a church in Australia. 

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