Monday, September 12, 2011

Giving Up Something You Love...

Recently I sat down to watch a sitcom that displayed a common problem between a husband and wife. He made a major purchase without asking his wife, which resulted in her being upset and greatly affecting their marriage. He refused to hear  his wife as to her reasons for being upset; which was him not telling her, the amount of money that he spent on the item, and the fact that the item was potentially dangerous to his life.

As the show went on the conflict in their marriage only deepened to the point that he spent more time with  his new purchase then he did with his wife. Eventually he recognized his wrong and in turn did something else without asking his wife. He sold the item as a result of his love for her.

When asked by his wife as to why he sold it, he responded with something significant. He responded in saying, "I gave up something I love for something that I love even more," in this case being his wife.

This got me thinking about the gospel and what we as Christians should be willing to do in our life as a response to the gospel. We should be willing to give up things that we love for something that we love even more, that being the gospel.

This is precisely why my family is moving overseas in 2012. It is not that we don't like our lives here in the US, in fact we are very comfortable here, love our church, and could easily stay here. Although we love our lives here, we are willing to move our lives to another country because we love the gospel even more and want to see others have the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel just as we both did.

We all have things that we love, but we must be willing to give up these things because we love the gospel more. So my question for you today, is there something in your life that you love more than the gospel? And what is there that you may need to give up as a response to loving the gospel more?

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