Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Culture of Worshipers

The time of year that we have all been waiting for, at least in the US, is finally here. Yes, of course I am referring to Football and I am especially excited to see what my Carolina Panthers do this season, which has to be better than last season, I pray and hope anyway. 

Included with all of the hype of the start to football season, I have been listening to a lot of sports radio, paying more attention to espn, and watching preseason NFL games. There was something that the sports commentator said the other day that caught my attention with all of this hype, "We are a culture of worshipers when it comes to our athletes." 

I believe that the commentator hit on something significant here, perhaps more than most of us realize, which is that we are indeed a culture of worshipers. In fact we are all worshipers, therefore we all worship something, in this case individuals and players in the sports world. 

I am not necessarily saying that every individual who does these things is worshiping, but it is hard to deny that we as a culture worship our athletes when you see grown men every week wear a jersey with another grown man's name on it and scream at the top of his lungs for that man like he is his number one cheerleader. I mean talk about a man crush!

I even personally know people who would never attend a church or a small group study, but have even stated that if the topic were their favorite NFl team then they would attend. In other words this person is saying that football is my religion and my favorite team is my god. 

To be clear this is not a rant against football, athletes, or sports in general because I am a big sports fan who is hoping to see Cam Newton take the Panthers to big places. But the implications are clear as the commentator pointed out that we are a culture of worshipers and for many people this comes in the form of sports whether through athletes or teams. 

Hopefully if you are a Christ follower then you are more excited about Jesus every week and what He has done for you then your favorite football team. And if you are not ashamed to be expressive in the cheering on of your team then hopefully you are not ashamed at being expressive of the Lord of your life in corporate worship settings. This football season focus on making the name of Jesus famous though your interactions with fellow fans by pointing them to God and away from their potential idol.

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