Friday, September 9, 2011

Authentic Community

It seems that more and more in the pursuit of the American dream that we isolate ourselves from others, which results in broken community. This leaves people with less meaningful relationships and with no one to turn to when times are tough. It is no wonder that with the downfall of the American economy that more and more people have fallen into depression.

The church on the other hand should exemplify something different, true authentic community. As Brad House says, "The church should be the most compelling expression of community in our culture." 

I have many friends that are Christ followers that have fallen into this American idea of community, where there is none. They believe that their relationship with God is purely a "personal" one and that there is no need for any form of community, including gospel community. But the reality is that "Real authentic community is not about us, it's about God." 

If you are not in an authentic community already then I encourage you to get involved with one today. Authentic community through my small group has been one of the best things for my life over the last three years, as a group of people who love me and care for me, constantly point me to Christ and the gospel where true life is given.

If you are part of the Summit church then you know that this weekend is Grouplink so there will be an opportunity to help you get connected to an authentic community. If you are part of another church then I encourage you to seek out authentic community in whatever form it is offered. Remember that we were created in the image of a God who exists in community, so get into a community today as we see the believers doing in Acts 2:42.

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  1. The nature of modern life is inherently alienating, and in many ways, the system encourages keeping people alienated from each other instead of reaching out and forming genuine bonds of community because isolated people are easier to control.

    You and I have had our fair share of conversations around this topic, and while I come to a similar conclusion from an entirely different analysis, I do have to wish you luck, since it's forming these kinds of communities of genuine concern for other people that will change the world for the better.