Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Transitioning Well

In recent weeks most all of you have learned that I am in a huge transition in my life right now as this Fall I will be moving my family to South Asia to plant churches. Part of the difficulty of this transition for me personally has been making sure that I transition well out of all the leadership roles that I serve in now.

The first of these roles that I have made the transition out of was my position as a shift manager for Starbucks. It took humility on my part to work for Starbucks when moving here to begin with and to be honest I complained about it a lot, but I cannot begin to tell you all of the stories of peoples lives that I have been able to speak the gospel into in the last two years from working here. My co-workers were a little surprised to learn of my leaving, but it has given me an opportunity to share with some of them further.

I had always imagined myself walking out on my last day, throwing up a peace sign, and never going back, but that would be the wrong way to leave and damage any relationship building that had been done in the last two years. Instead I chose to leave as Jesus left by exemplifying grace and humility. 

The second role that I will be transitioning out of completely in the next week is as a small group leader, where I have really started seeing the group live more like a missional community. We planted this small group about a year ago and I knew from the beginning that I would be leaving so I communicated this to the group and immediately started looking for an apprentice from day one. Even that early on I wanted to start to set up the next leader who would come in behind me so that I could make this transition as easy as possible and allow them to come in as the leader and serve well.

This transition will be coming to fruition in the next week as I plan to leave the right way by not making it about me, but rather setting up the next leader well, pointing to Jesus, and stepping out of the way.  Now, this is the way to transition well!

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