Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Growing and Reproducing

I hear it a lot from individuals, groups, and churches about how much they are growing spiritually or numerically, how much the group is growing together, how large the church has become, but rarely do I hear how much they are reproducing themselves or planting a new group of gospel centered individuals. To be fair I do hear this talk often in my own current setting at the Summit Church, but my focus here is the church as a whole.

The reason that we often hear of growth, but not reproducing growth is because quite frankly we are self-centered naval gazers often in the church. It has become all about us and our kingdom, instead of about God's Kingdom. 

My question for you today is how do we get away from this mentality? How do we within our growth reproduce? 

For that I am going to return to the Five Reproducing Principles developed by Dave & Jon Ferguson. These principles will help you to not only see growth but reproducing growth that will help start a Missional Church Movement.

Five Reproducing Principles
1. Reproducing requires everyone to have an apprentice.
2. Reproducing is proactive; not reactive.
3. Reproducing is not about size; it's about leadership readiness.
4. Reproducing isn't about our kingdom; it's about God's Kingdom.
5. Reproducing happens on the edge and at the centers. 

To be honest I used to have the old mentality of being all about growth, but in the last five years that has changed. In my own small group these principles were implemented and the results have been that we are now reproducing from one group to three, where we will now influence different parts of our city with missional groups. We have also joined four other groups in identifying an area in our community where we want to see gospel proclamation in Word and deed for community transformation. 

My point is that if you are all about growing, but not reproducing then you are going to impact some, but not to the full capacity that you could. You will stifle any form of movement taking place, which is what you should be trying to see in all communities everywhere. So, what are some of the ways that you have seen growth and reproducibility implemented whether good or bad?

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