Friday, July 8, 2011

God Doesn't Reveal Everything

In November I blogged a little on the life of David in 1 Samuel 16 and how I had never connected that God anointed him as king and then almost immediately he was back out in a field where obscurity, monotony, and reality set in. In that post I saw a connection in my own life as I was twelve years old when I "surrendered" to the call of vocational ministry, way before I ever fully understood what that even meant, not sure I even do today,;).

What I did know at twelve was that God had set me apart for something that He was going to use for Himself and His Kingdom. It is something that I have never given up chasing and something that nobody can ever take away from me as it is part of my story.

I never really understood until now that the last thirteen years have been my pasture, my time of obscurity, monotony, and reality just as David experienced. Since that time of surrender in my life, there have been so many times filled with uncertainty, questioning, etc. But one thing that I have always held onto is that I knew that I was clearly called and set apart for something great in the kingdom of God.

I have learned now that God doesn't reveal everything immediately because we wouldn't be prepared for it. Often what we get from God is a command and what is expected is obedience to that command. Although my call was strong and certain, the details were not, which caused me to seek God even more. It is often in our time of need that we seek the Father most so maybe that has something to do with it as I was confident in my call, but uncertain as to the specifics, which left me in need of the Father.

The thing that is amazing is that God is sovereign over our lives and that he may not reveal everything immediately, but he has every detailed worked out. For example if you look at the life of Abraham it would appear that there was a lot of uncertainty in his life, but the reality is that God had everything covered and worked out.

In my own life I am seeing God's "will" or plan come to fruition as my family is on the edge of moving to South Asia to be church planters. It is now that I am starting to see more fully what God had called me to it at twelve and prepared me for the last thirteen years is starting to be revealed more to me. So many years I struggled with obscurity, monotony, and reality, but now I see the will of the Father more clearly.

I write this as a way to say that God has called you to something, but that everything may not be revealed immediately. And if your story is anything like my story then you may be in the pasture for sometime experiencing obscurity, monotony, and reality. But don't worry because God is sovereign and has every detailed worked out in your life. For now, follow Him faithfully wherever He may call you and rest assured that everything will be covered.

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