Thursday, July 7, 2011

Erasing Hell - Francis Chan

There are many things that most of us read in Scripture that we do not understand and maybe wouldn't even choose for it to be that way. Hell is one of the most obvious topics that most of us would not choose and none of us truly understand, but we cannot just ignore the subject because it is there in Scripture. This past Tuesday Francis Chan's new book, Erasing Hell, released that explores what God said in Scripture about our eternity and discerns what things we made up about eternity.

Regardless of your view on Rob Bell and his book Love Wins, he at least caused the evangelical church to reconsider what they may have just believed about eternity for years, especially those within my own generation. It is often that people in the church blindly believe what is being taught without ever taking the time to study the Scriptures fully for themselves, hell being one of those topics.

I have not had a chance to pick up my copy of Erasing Hell but I plan to soon as I am interested to see what Chan has to offer from his diligent study on the topic. My immediate reaction based on the book trailer alone is that Chan at least seems to want to put everything from Scripture on the table in his study of hell. He seems to want to get outside of the what "we would do" mentality and to explore that "maybe the creator's sense of justice is more developed than yours and his love and mercy are perfect and that you could be the one that is flawed."


  1. I am actually writing a little pst for monday that addresses the way he uses the verse about Gods ways being higher than our ways (as well as what he seems to be insinuating with that statement and how he uses it). And also he says this is something we cant afford to get wrong while at the same time he claims to be agnostic when it comes to whether or not hell is eternal conscious torment or annihilation.

  2. Jacob, do you think he prayed about all of this first,;)? J/k, I look forward to your post, did you pick up a copy of the book?