Sunday, June 5, 2011

A "New Type" of Christian

Last night my wife and I had a couple over for dinner that consists of an American Buddhist and an ex-Catholic. He has explored many religions and has much respect for many of them, but identifies most with the teachings of Buddhism. She on the other hand is recently wounded from the Catholic church and leans more towards an agnostic now.

The man and I have been dialoguing for sometime now as we met first and quickly began to discuss matters of faith. Although we disagree a lot in regards to faith, we always have a respectful conversation with each other and continue our relationship. During our dinner last night he said something that struck me and gave me some encouragement.

He said, "I had pretty much blown Christianity off years ago, but when I met you it gave me a hope that there is more guys like you and that there is a new type of Christians on the rise."

A statement like this tells me a few things. First, what the world is looking for is a group of people who actually follow Jesus, his teachings, and lifestyle. Second, for far too long the church has portrayed something different then what we are called to be. Third, I believe that the world has a hope that the gospel message is true and that it is often us that get in the way of that.

For this particular couple some of their biggest drawbacks to Christianity is the intolerance that they see. Now, it must be said that some of that will not change because it is important that we call sin what it is, but we must remember to do it in a way that reflects the love and grace that Christ gave to us. But in addition to this, let us rise up and be the church that we are called to be. Instead of always being known for what we are against, let us be known for our brotherly love for each other and for the world so that we may display this "new type" of Christian. 

Here are some resources for today's post:

  • Radical; Radical Together by David Platt
  • For the City by Darrin Patrick and Matt Carter
  • The Church of Irresistible Influence by Robert Lewis

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