Sunday, June 19, 2011

Exponential - Missional Church Movement

Many of you are aware that I will soon be a Church Planter in South Asia so much of my time in recent months has been spent on reading books on church planting, movements, and reproducibility. I have many for recommendations and many more that I am going to be reading over the summer.

This weekend I have been spending some time reading Exponential by Dave & Jon Ferguson and think that the five reproducing principles that they have learned in their own story of church planting are worth sharing, whether you are someone who wants to be involved with domestic or international church planting.  If you are someone who does not have church planting on their mind, it is important to remember that we all play a role in the Kingdom of God as the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20 was given to all followers of Christ so there is part in a missional church planting movement for all of us.

In addition to the reproducing principles, I will add practical application to each one from my role as a missional community leader and some from my future role as a church planter.

Five Reproducing Principles 
1. Reproducing requires everyone to have an apprentice.
   -In my role as a small group leader I sought out at least one individual from the first week we started meeting as an apprentice that could later be planted out to form a new group of missional believers in another part of the city.

2. Reproducing is proactive, not reactive. 
   -Our missional community is going through many transitions including my family moving to South Asia, but we are still going to be proactive in planting a new missional community in another area of where we live instead of allowing fear of the unknown to set in that would cause us to be reactive.

3. Reproducing is not about size; it's about leadership readiness.
   -Leadership readiness can not be an overstated principle as without this you will not see a successful missional community or church plant. In South Asia we will desire to see elders appointed by the local body of believers before fully pulling out to plant elsewhere.

4. Reproducing isn't about our kingdom; it's about God's Kingdom.
   -In many ways it would be easier for my family to stay here and continue to lead our missional community because I believe God is stirring up some amazing things in and through this group, but I must remember that it is about His Kingdom, not mine.

5. Reproducing happens on the edge and at the centers. 
   -A reproducing movement is not going to happen through a single missional community or a single church plant in South Asia, but rather it is going to take missional communities and church plants everywhere that forms networks and continually reproduce themselves.

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  1. Matthew, I love your take on the 5 Reproducing Principles! But even more I love that you are going to plant a church in south Asia - awesome! I'm praying for you tonight. Dave

  2. Matthew,

    Have you checked out the T4T book that just came out? My friend in India really loves it. I just ordered it myself. It's a church planting movements.


  3. JR, I have not had a chance to check out T4T yet, but I have heard of it and will be reading it soon. I have read church planting movements by David Garrison and been part of a skype interview with him. Thanks for sharing!