Friday, May 6, 2011

Advance Recap Day 2

This is a continuation of highlights/recap from day 2 of the Advance 11 conference. If you were not able to attend then I hope you enjoy. I will also be blogging in the coming days on more specifically how certain sessions have impacted my life and ministry.

Tyler Jones: 

  • We need to come to a place of renewal in our lives
  • We must come to see that faith and science are not in conflict, they are pointing to the same reality 
  • The gospel is not dependent on our perspective or view of reality, it is dependent on Jesus and his reality.
  • Let us be hated as Christians for our brotherly love:
    • Sacrificial living
    • Adoption
    • Ending foster care
    • Etc.
J.D. Greear: 

  • Most people in our churches believe in a functional moralism and that most of us if we are good will make it to heaven.
  • We have such a hard time with other people going to hell because we don't think that we deserve to go to hell.
  • We are guilty not because of what we haven't heard, but because of what we have heard and rejected. 
  • The gospel only goes forward through human instruments, so we cannot hide behind God's sovereignty as an excuse not to share the gospel.
  • It is arrogance and rebellion to sit around and speculate about the sovereignty of God when simple obedience is commanded. 
Tim Keller-Talk One:

  • Religion says I obey therefore I am accepted by God. The gospel says I am accepted by God, therefore I obey.
  • The gospel when brought to bear on the heard brings you new self-image and forms of humility, new motivation and depths of joy, and a new set of values and a logic of influence, and a unpredictability of thought. 
  • I couldn't accept how lost I was until I received the good news of Jesus
  • If we were saved by works there would be no limitation to what God could ask of us because it is based on our righteousness, but because we are saved by grace there is no limitation to what He can ask.
  • The gospel gives us upside down values
  • The more we fall in love with the gospel, the harder it is to categorize Christians because the gospel changes everything
Talk Two: 

  • Apologetics is the answer to the why questions after you have already given them an answer to the what question. 
  • The gospel shapes our apologetics in two ways: motivation and attitude, and in our method.
  • The gospel gives us three incredible proper attitudes: humility, hope, and courage
Alan Hirsch:

  • The church is perfectly designed by Jesus to get the job done.
  • Apostolic movements of churches being planted is what we are beginning to see around the world.
  • A gospel-centered church has to do with our forms and how we expose ourselves.
  • When Jesus and community get together all kinds of things start happening. 

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