Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It is Finished: New Single by Matt Papa

For those of you not familiar with Matt Papa you need to stop what you are doing and go check out his music @ mattpapa.com . I had the privilege of getting to know Matt as the Summit launched the North Raleigh campus back in September. I was immediately inclined to talk to Matt as he had some funky looking hair and a very nice beard, not a crappy looking goatee like most worship leaders.

But what I really enjoy about Matt is his love for Jesus that shows through his music. He is not just up there singing another happy clappy song that nobody really knows the meaning of, but rather his songs are rich with Scripture, theology in song. His most recent single, "It is Finished" just released and I want to encourage you all to go get it on itunes, http://www.mattpapa.com/it_is_finished.

This song speaks of the death of Jesus that we see in John 19:28-30 and the work that it accomplished by his death, burial, and resurrection. This song in no way points to Matt, which is why I love it, he is merely allowing himself to be used by God to proclaim what is seen in Scripture.

The phrase "It is Finished" is a proclamation that the work that Jesus was sent to do is now finished, most importantly that he bore the sin of humanity.  Do you understand what this means? That Jesus paid for all the sins of the world, yours and mine included, so that we didn't have to. The Bible tells us that the  penalty of sin is death, but through Christ death we have the opportunity to be restored fully to the relationship that we were meant to have in Christ.

Thank you Matt for reminding me of this rich truth and sharing it with others. This song serves as a reminder that I am helpless and hopeless on my own because I constantly return to my sin, but that I am free in Christ full of hope because my sin has been taken care of and "It is Finished!"

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