Friday, March 25, 2011

Advance the Church 2011

I would like to invite you all to join me at the upcoming Advance the Church conference on May 4-5 in Raleigh, NC. The conference theme is: Gospel-Recovering the Power that made Christianity Revolutionary. No matter if you are a an atheist, skeptic, an unchurched, or a follower of Christ, this conference will be worth it. 

It is commonly heard that Christians say, "their way is the only way." Well, is there any truth to that statement? Or are Christians just the most intolerable people in the world to believe that? Is there really only one way to God? I mean come on aren't we all going towards the same goal, but just with different methods.

The Christian message is founded on the Gospel, which is what caused it to flourish and continues to flourish today. Unfortunately many churches have gotten away from the Gospel, but I would like to contend that without the Gospel, then you have no Christianity. And by the way, there is only one gospel, see Galations 1:6-10. For a more detailed hermeneutical look at that passage, look at my blog post from April 22, 2010. 

Here is the conference synopsis, taken from their website: 
Gospel: Is it possible that the reason the Church has lost its credibility and prophetic voice is that its Christians no longer believe the Gospel? The Gospel turned the ancient world of the Apostles on its head. It transformed the most unlikely of people into fervent ambassadors for God, while making enemies of both the secular and religious establishments. In contrast, the Church in many places today has become a part of a dying tradition that neither challenges the culture nor attracts the skeptic.  Even in movements founded on Biblical truth, a pervasive legalism and moralism has eclipsed the explosive power of what God did for the world in Christ. There is only one thing that can restore the revolutionary power of God to the Church: the Gospel. The Church is in a moment of crisis. The Gospel is our only hope!

Join Advance the Church in May to hear from incredible speakers including Tim Keller, Alan Hirsch, Eric Mason, Danny Akin and others as they engage this growing and concerning issue, and discuss how the Church can recover the Gospel: the power that makes Christianity revolutionary. Advance11 is for anyone interested in the Church, advancing the Gospel, or understanding Biblical Christianity. Whether you are a pastor, community group leader, college student, churchgoer, or skeptic, we encourage you to join us.

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