Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Bowl and Porn Sunday

Tomorrow is a big day in the life of about every American I know because it is Super Bowl Sunday. There will be lots of green/yellow and black/yellow worn in cities all over the US. It has been basically turned into a holiday as more people across different spectrums of life celebrate the Super Bowl more than many recognized holidays. But I am here to tell you about another big event happening tomorrow, National Porn Sunday.

Now many of you are probably thinking I have gone of the deep end about now in regards to my theology and stance for biblical truth, but allow me to explain. National Porn Sunday, is an event that is sponsored by, that strives to bring hope to those that are struggling with pornography. This particular event is hosted by churches all over the country on Super Bowl Sunday and strives to bring healing to individuals and families who are struggling or been affected by pornography. says, "The goal for the event is to get churches talking about the 'elephant in the pew' and get people help that are struggling with porn and sex addiction." I personally support what this ministry is doing as the statistics are staggering as it has been reported by numerous sources that 54% of pastors have viewed pornography in the last year. And that is just the pastors, one can only image the statistics of individuals viewing pornography sitting in the pew.

Perhaps you are an individual who struggles with pornography or are someone who just sees the wisdom in setting up barriers from access to things such as porn. Tomorrow is National Porn Sunday and hopefully a church in your city is hosting this event that you can attend. For more information, helpful resources and accountability check out where you will find a full list of churches participating and tools such as x3watch and x3pure.

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