Monday, January 10, 2011

Signs of God's Grace

Yesterday the Summit's North Raleigh campus pastor, Daniel Simmons, preached on four signs of God's grace from Acts 11:19-30. I believe these are worth sharing as we enter the new year and take a look at our own life. The questions that follow are the ones that I asked my small group last night and I encourage you to think through these as you start 2011.

Sign one, God's hand will be on it. In order to be successful at whatever it is you are doing then God's hand must be on it. Specifically in a missional setting this is something you seek in prayer and going after places where you see God working. What are the ways in which you can seek this?

Sign Two, Jesus will be preached. Without Christ and the Cross then you have no Christianity, you are merely left with another meaningless religion. What are ways that Jesus can daily be practically preached through your life?

Sign Three, People will be reached that are different from you. The gospel is for all people everywhere. Contrary to the idea that it is a Western religion, which isn't even possible considering it did not start here. This is one area that the church in the US has struggled with as the most segregated hour in the week is on Sunday mornings, but it is not where we have to stay. What are you doing intentionally to reach people that are different from you? And, what ways can you improve on reaching others?

Sign Four, Self-less giving and sacrifice. In order to become a missional community then it will require self-less giving and sacrifice. This comes in many forms from the giving of finances to the giving of time. Lead teaching pastor at the Summit, J.D. Greear, describes this best in saying, "It is giving up something you love, for something you love even more." What are ways that you can be self-less in your giving and sacrifice this year?

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