Friday, January 28, 2011

Is preaching still necessary?

This semester at school I am taking Biblical Exposition, which has got me thinking about preaching in general and whether it is necessary for the church today. First, some of you are probably wondering what the heck "Expositional Preaching" is to begin with. Biblical Exposition would be the way in which one delivers the sermon. Mark Dever says, "Expositional preaching is not simply producing a verbal commentary on some passage of Scripture. Rather, it is preaching which takes for the point of a sermon the point of a particular passage of Scripture."

So, the question remains, is preaching really necessary today? Many today have neglected preaching in the church instead for something else. Some have substituted preaching instead to seek more signs and wonders. Some of the emerging types have substituted preaching for an open round table discussion, where there is really no "truth" but all options are viable as long as it is considered in love. Then you have others, such as Mark Dever, who believe that Expositional Preaching is the first sign of a healthy church and that if you miss that mark then you are likely to miss all the others. So, who is right? Do we see preaching as we think about it practiced in Scripture? Did Jesus preach amongst all the signs and wonders? My plan is to answer this question and explore it in more detail in the next post, but for now feel free to jump in with your stance and the reason behind it.


  1. The emergent types round table where there is no truth? Little mis leading. Its The bible being Interpreted within and by the community rather than one person giving their "spirit led"/personal interpretations and never being challenged about what he says. To say that one can not necessarily KNOW truth and therefor we must always be seeking it is not the same as saying that there is no truth at all so believe whatever you want as you just claimed. it's not relativism, again as you claim. SEEK first the kingdom of God. Not FIND and nail down the kingdom of God.

  2. My post here is simply exploring some of the options that different groups have taken. And some emerging types have taken a similar stance to what I described and others have not, that is why I said SOME. If I wanted to get technical and label myself with titles then I would fall into an emerging type, but not the one I described in this post, but more of an emerging reformer.

    As always, appreciate the feedback, but still curious as to your answer on the subject of the post, is preaching necessary, specifically expository preaching? Hopefully I will have time this weekend to write part two of this post.